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Ellie's Fund is governed by a Board chaired by Ellie's parents, Paul and Kathy Zaidel of Lena, Wisconsin. Also serving are Ellie's grandparents, Bob and Linda Zaidel also of Lena, and grandmother Jane Hansen of Green Bay.

Ellie's uncle,       Bret Bicoy, is an experienced foundation president and is advising the Board on their decisions.
Bicoy Advisors
Ellie's Fund, Inc. was created by her family as a 501(c)(3) public charity.  The Fund provides grants to worthy projects to benefit the people of Northeast Wisconsin. 
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The specific projects funded will be selected on an annual basis, but Ellie's Fund will always focus on two primary areas:

  • providing assistance and opportunities to young people in Ellie's memory
  • celebrating Ellie's love for the remarkable natural beauty of Northeast Wisconsin  
As Ellie's Fund grows, more information about its projects will be posted online so that people can learn more about the terrific work going on in Ellie's memory.
While we have not established formal deadlines for consideration of ideas, Ellie's Fund does welcome proposals from charities serving the people of Northeast Wisconsin.

As Ellie's Fund grows, we will give larger grants to charity.  At this time, we only consider proposals requesting less than $5,000.  We anticipate the average grant will be about $1,000.

We encourage applicants to contact us for informal feedback before submitting an application.  Please contact us by       email.
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Ellie's Fund Grant Application