Ellie was - and still is - loved by countless family members.  She brought joy and laughter into the lives of those lucky to know her.  Here are a few pictures of Ellie with the family she loved so much.
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Elliana Alyssa with her namesake cousin, Alyssa Bicoy
Ellie with Grandpa, Senator Dave Hansen
Laughing with Aunty Cari Bicoy and Mommy
Playing with Grandpa Bob Zaidel
Presents from Grandma Linda Zaidel
With Grandma Jane Hansen
Celebrating 4th of July with Grandpa Dave
Ellie's favorite shirt
The Zaidel grandchildren
Grandma Linda's girls
Ellie with Grandpa Dave
Ellie's Zaidel cousins
Mommy's best friend Tivi & Tivi's mom
With Great Grandma, Grandpa & cousins
A birthday celebration with Grandpa Bob