On July 13, 2007, a tragic accident led to the premature passing of a wonderful little girl, Ellie Zaidel. 

Although she was with us in this world for less than 2 years, Ellie was a source of joy and inspiration for all those who knew her.
Elliana Alyssa Zaidel
July 18, 2005 to July 13, 2007
Ellie's Fund, Inc. was created as a living tribute to our angel, Ellie Zaidel.  Through the charitable work of Ellie's Fund, Ellie will forever touch the lives of countless others in need. 

Ellie's Fund, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charity and thus contributions are deductible to the fullest extent as allowed by law.
All site content, photos and the butterfly logo are the property of Ellie's Fund, Inc.
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Elliana's Garden: A Children's Memorial

Elliana's Garden opened on September 12, 2010.  It is the first project of Ellie's Fund.  View more pictures here...

Elliana's Garden is located within Pamperin Park in Brown County, on the far side of the bridge near the main park pavilion.  It is a butterfly garden that is designed to be a place of peace, reflection and remembrance.

Families are invited to place a brick within the garden engraved with the name of their loved one.  Call Jane Hansen at (920) 217-3448 or download the order form...

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